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WWRF 40, May 2018 in Durban, Africa

Theme "5G and Broadband Connectivity for All"

WWRF, in collaboration with CSIR, one of the leading African research institutes, is organizing its 40th Forum meeting on “5G and Broadband connectivity for All”. The fifth generation (5G) mobile communications standard is expected to profoundly transform the ICT and telecommunications landscape globally. Research, requirement analysis and initial standardization work towards the 5th generation of cellular systems have now been under way for a few years.


However, voices are being raised that the use cases and contextual attributes that underpin the initial 5G research and standardization cater mostly to societies in developed economies. Questions then arise on the impact of the 5th Generation of wireless standards to improve broadband connectivity of underserved regions globally.



Meeting Presentations



Plenary Session 1


WWRF Welcome
Dr Nigel Jefferies, Chair WWRF


CSIR Welcome
Dr Ntsibane Ntlatlapa, CSIR


5G R&D Initiatives in Africa
Mr Wellington Ngwepe, CEO of ICASA presented by Paris Mashile


Broadband for All & 5G: Oxymoron or Complementary
Professor S. Maharaj (University of Pretoria) and Dr F. Mekuria (CSIR)


Plenary Session 2


European 5GPPP Initiative
Dr Hendrik Berndt, Vice Chair WWRF EMEA

5G System Simulator
Dr Lee HyeonWoo on behalf of Prof Youngnam Han, KAIST


5G Testbed, Internet for All, WOANS.


Digital Signal Processing & Artificial Intelligence in Telecoms?
Prof. Bheki Twala, University of South Africa


Affordable Broadband & Use cases in 5G
Z. Du Toit, CSIR


Working Group Sessions



Exploring the Factors That Affect Personal Information Disclosure on Social Media
Dr. Joseph Kwame Adjei, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, Ghana


Millenials in India and Russia 
Prof. Knud-Erik Skouby, Aalborg University, Denmark


5G & GDPR – Impact on Business Models
Prof. Knud-Erik Skouby, Aalborg University, Denmark


Security in 5G verticals
Prof. Knud-Erik Skouby, Aalborg University, Denmark




Spectrum Sharing for 5G & Broadband for All
Gcina Dludla, Luzango Mfupe, Fisseha Mekuria, University of Pretoria , South Africa


Dimantling Barriers to Hyperdense Network Deployments for 5G: Study Perspectives from Global5G.org Project
Edward Mutafungwa, Aalto University, Finland


Machine-Learning-Based Base Station Association for Resource Allocation in 5G Heterogeneous Networks
M.M. Sande, University of Pretoria , South Africa


New PHY/MAC techniques in the upcoming IEEE 802.11ay mmWave Wi-Fi standard

Alexander Maltsev, Intel, US


Recent work on Massive MIMO
Seshadri Mohan, University of Arkansas at Little Rock, US


ITRI’s recent research work on Radio Communication Technologies for 5G and beyond
Ching-Tarng Hsieh, ITRI, Taiwan




Use of P4 for 5G network

5G K-Simulator & 5G Device Test bench
Prof. Lee HyeonWoo, DanKooK University, Prof. Han YoungNam KAIST




ITRI’s ITU Eval Group vision/plans
Ching-Tarng Hsieh, ITRI, Taiwan


Update on the IMT-2020 standardization process
Sergio Buonomo, Study Group Department, ITU Radiocommunication Bureau


DAY 2, 1st June

Plenary Special Session 3 – African Academia & Research Councils


5G: Shaping the Future of 4IR
Prof. Twala, University of South Africa




Generation Vehicular Communication: An Artificial Intelligence Approach
Sachin Sharma, Seshadri Mohan




5G security challenges and solutions
Marcus Wong, Huawei Technologies



WWRF40 Closing Session

Nigel Jefferies, Chair of WWRF