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WWRF Meeting 45

18 -21 January 2021 as hybrid event

For the first time, we have allocated time for two ‘lightning sessions’ with 10 minute speaking sessions. We want the programme to be timely and topical, so all suggestions received before the event will be considered. Read mor on the web page.

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Newsletter from our chairman

Our chairman's annual review and outlook for 2021





8th Huddle

29. Sep 2021 - 30. Sep 2021 , Ottawa, Canada

WWRF appointed two new Fellows

We appointed two new Fellows during our 45th meeting. They join a college of eminent and influential colleagues, who will advise WWRF on the future of networks and research, and help to promote our vision of a Wireless World. Each has made major contributions to the development of today’s mobile system. Dr Chih-Lin I is chief scientist at China Mobile responsible for their beyond-5G research, and well known for her promotion of green and ‘soft’ communications, while Adrian Scrase is CEO of ETSI, and was closely involved in the founding of 3GPP which is responsible for the standards that enable global mobile networks. We are grateful to them for their support for WWRF in the past, and look forward to successful collaboration in the future!

Who we are

The Wireless World Research Forum is the place where the global wireless research community meets to explore and develop the research challenges that confront us as we look beyond current 5G deployments.

On the newly launched WWRF website, you can find out more about our current, future and past activities. This includes important information on upcoming events and special workshops. The ongoing effort to roll out 5G technologies, and the ongoing debate on how to meet the requirements of the various vertical industries that will make use of 5G are also being studied, with WWRF members closely involved in all these discussions, and publications such as our Outlook series are a good guide to them. But the mission of WWRF is to look beyond current technology and businesses to identify the key research trends that will impact our world in the next 5-10 years.


With over 50 members from across 4 continents, WWRF brings together a wide range of industry and academic players, and has a particular focus on the contribution of newly emerging market sectors and developing regions.

As an example, the Vertical Industry Platform (VIP) programme of working groups focuses on vertical industry requirements, including business models, connected vehicles, ehealth, rail networks and the water industry, while new technical working groups have been set up to address key technology questions, such as the use of higher frequencies above 5GHz and the impact of AI technologies on communication networks. Lots of results and information from our most recent events are available, and, of course, the website also contains all the required information for prospective members, including application forms and details of membership fees and benefits.

The Wireless World of 100 years ago.

We are very grateful to Mrs Rosalie Morton of Victoria, Australia, who sent us a hundred-year old copy of ‘Wireless World’ from the collection of her late husband. This of course shows that WWRF has a venerable concept in its title, and it’s an intriguing look back to an era when the whole concept of radio was fresh and exciting. The lead article reflects on the role of radio in the recently concluded First World War, while there is stop-press news about the role of ‘wireless telegraphy’ in supporting the first trans-atlantic flights. The magazine will be added to the WWRF archive.


Key deliverable of the 5G Global Accelerator programme

Rodrigo Arias, Lead, 5G and Digital Transformation - World Economic Forum shared the first publication of the 5G Outlook Series which examines the effects of mobile technology on the response to COVID-19, highlights early examples of 5G technology being used during this time and assesses the outlook for the expanded use of 5G”.

Read the document here


New Outlook "Network Slicing"

Network Slicing (NS) is a holy grail for future of networking, and is poised to transform the Internet and the services eco-system. This WWRF Outlook endeavours to capture the broad landscape of network slicing from basic concept to potential business and economic models. And, in-between, it describes how slices are configured in the radio access network (RAN), the core network (CN) and the transport network (TN). Since new advancements and new generations of wireless tend to overlook the requirements of the developing world (with close to over 3.5B people) who have yet to experience the value of the Internet, this Outlook dedicates a detailed section on the role of network slicing to bridge the digital divide as we usher a new era of 5G and B5G technologies for social impact.


New working group on visions and technologies of 6G established

The 6G Vision and Technologies Group focuses on research that looks five to ten years ahead in order to meet the requirements of the networks in the year 2030 time-frame. The group looks into the gaps in 5G that would need to be filled, resulting into incremental changes to 5G, called B5G until such time that clear requirements of 6G have been determined and needed research areas identified.  The group also aims to study the emerging new use cases that will require 6G, and the potentially novel business models to justify investments that will be needed.


What will be the next generation?

As 5G networks are rolled out around the world, the thoughts of researchers naturally turn to what comes next. Historically, new generations of mobile communications networks have emerged on a roughly ten-year cycle, so will 2030 be any different? Given that there is much still to come with 5G and its evolution, and that the system will be more easily upgraded with increasing ‘softwarization’, some have questioned the need for any new generation. However, developments in technology and business may well create the opportunity to do something new, whether it’s named Beyond 5G or 6G. WWRF is working to understand the requirements and the opportunities for this next generation.  

Working Group A

User Needs & Requirements; Services, and Devices, in a Wireless Worlds


Working Group C

Communication architectures and technologies


Working Group D

Radio Communication Technologies


Working Group

AI for Wireless Communications


Working Group

High Frequency


Working Group 6G

Vision and Technologies


Vertical Industry Platform

E/M-Health and Wearables


Vertical Industry Platform

Connected Vehicles


Vertical Industry Platform

End to End Network Slicing

VIP E-to-E

Vertical Industry Platform

Track-to-Train communications

VIP T-to-T

Vertical Industry Platform

Future Business Models


We are very active!

We have our own publication programme of white papers (WWRF Outlook) and meeting proceedings (WWRF Library). In addition, we publish a series of books with Wiley, and the best papers from each meeting are the highlight of a special issue of IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine.

Books Outlooks IEEE Journals

Future Networked Car

FNC 2020 panellists examined the latest advances in the areas of vehicle connectivity, cybersecurity, applications of artificial intelligence (AI), and the global regulatory framework that will support deployment of more highly automated mobility solutions. The Symposium explored ​the relationships between vehicle communications and automated driving by analysing the crucial role of the latest 5G connectivity technologies in delivering safer and more effective transport. Collaboration among the various standards bodies is essential to ensure a successful and speedy implementation, and this topic will be in focus during the panel discussions.


WWRF online seminars and virtual workshops

17th of November Seminar No 3

FRUGAL 5G – Bringing Broadband Faster to Rural Areas
Satya N. Gupta, Secretary General, ITU-APT Foundation of India

Tuesday, November 17 at 9:30 am (London) - 10:30 am (Zurich, Berlin) - 15 pm (IST India)

Workshop at IEEE ANTS 2020

The role of AI/Machine Learning in the Evolution of Connected Vehicles
December 16, 2020

Call for papers is open

October 21 - Joint Greenbizz/WWRF Workshop

Meeting Presentations here