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The WWRF website is the place to find out more about our current, future and past activities. This includes important information on upcoming events and special workshops. Globally, there is now a huge effort to roll out 5G technologies, and an ongoing debate as to how to meet the requirements of the various vertical industries that will make use of 5G. WWRF members are closely involved in all these discussions, and publications such as our Outlook series are a good guide to them. But WWRF is looking beyond 5G to identify the key research trends that will impact our world in the next 5-10 years.

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The VIP programme of working groups focuses on vertical industry requirements, including business models, connected vehicles, ehealth, rail networks and the water industry, while new technical working groups are being set up to address key technology questions, such as the use of higher frequencies above 5GHz and the impact of AI technologies on communication networks. Lots of results and information from our most recent event, held in Denmark last October, are available, and, of course, the website also contains all the required information for prospective members, including application forms and details of membership fees and benefits.

New Fellow appointed

At WWRF’s 42nd meeting in Tokyo, Japan, WWRF appointed Dr. Werner Mohr as new fellow. Werner Mohr is one of the founding members of WWRF. As the first chairman, his vision has guided the founding of the Forum, led mobile and wireless networks in Europe and promoted truly global research cooperation towards the Wireless World.


Can 5G keep its promise?

Article from Simon Fletcher in the 5G, Real Wireless blog

This year’s World Wireless Research Forum (WWRF) in Japan considered the outer reaches of the possible as it sought to chart a 10-year roadmap beyond 5G. However, its sister event the 5G Huddle tackled issues far closer to home and questioned whether the platforms associated with the 5G Era are capable of delivering on all the hype.

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6th WWRF Huddle in Tokyo

The 5G dream becomes a reality – can it keep its promises?

The 6th WWRF 5G Huddle brought together over a hundred technologists, researchers, regulators and users to discuss the latest developments in the implementation of 5G networks worldwide. Speakers and panellists at the event, held at Tokyo’s  TEPIA Advanced Technology Gallery, reported on the roll out of commercial 5G networks across the world. They also identified the leading trials and testbeds for advanced 5G services, and discussed specific issues such as standardization, security and new business models. The event was supported by MIC, the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication, and hosted by 5GMF (the 5G Mobile Forum of Japan).  Highlights included the signing of an MoU between WWRF and the ITU-APT Foundation of India, and the presentation of a WWRF Fellowship to Dr Werner Mohr of Nokia. Plans are afoot to organize the next Huddle in India early in 2020. Presentations and other information from the meeting are available at www.5ghuddle.com.  Article about 5G Huddle 2019 on The Eizo Shimbun

WWRF and ITU-APT Foundation of India signed Memorandum

On May 14th , WWRF and ITU-APT Foundation of India (IAFI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation. The MoU signing ceremony was done at WWRF’s 6th 5G Huddle held in Tokyo, Japan. ITU-APT is a non-profit, non-political registered society, is working for last 10 years in India with the prime objective of encouraging involvement of professionals, corporate, public/private sector industries, R&D organizations, academic institutions, and such other agencies engaged in development of Indian Telecom sector in the activities of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT).

Discussions are going on now how our two organizations can cooperate. President of ITU-APT, Bharat Bhatia participated as a panellist at 6th Huddle. He also participated at our Taiwan meeting. We are discussing on possibility of holding the 7th 5G Huddle in India in 2020. WWRF is looking forward to working with ITU-APT and have fruitful relationship.

WWRF published White Paper "Connected Vehicles"

This white paper provides insights into the state-of-the-art regarding 3GPP C-V2X as well as security of ETSI ITS, IEEE DSRC WAVE, 3GPP C-V2X and privacy issues. The White Paper further discusses spectrum allocation worldwide for ITS applications and connected vehicles.

Read the full Outlook 25 here >>>

New Book ICT in Developing Countries: Next Generation ICT Technologies published

The focus is on the new technologies and services enabled by 5G networks or broadband Internet networks including artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, augmented reality, Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous driving, blockchain solutions, cloud solutions etc. >>>

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