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WWRF 49 March 28th-30th 2023, Poznan, Poland

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49th Wireless World Research Forum

Call for Papers:

Abstract Deadline: 14th February 2023 


For More Information Please Visit: WWRF49

WWRF Meeting 48


The 48th edition of the international and world-renowned Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF) was held in Abu Dhabi from 07-09 November 2022. With the theme “Wireless Innovation for a Better World”, WWRF 48 offered a great opportunity for all attendees to be part of designing the wireless future with wide-ranging discussions, presentations, innovative brainstorming, and expert-level networking. Since WWRF is the unique forum where the whole wireless community can tackle the key research challenges, by attending the event attendees were able to focus on future wireless strategies by discussing the views of industry leaders, ease future standardization by harmonizing research views at the research stage, pick up the trends and new ideas in wireless communications and share insights on research directions and visions to the Wireless World.

Upcoming Events

Date: May 9th – 10th 2023 

Location: Singapore 

Theme: Building the 6G Vision – The Path to a Better Tomorrow

Please Visit : https://wwrfhuddle.com/

Date: March 28th- 30th 2023

Location: Poznan University of Technology (PUT), Poznan, Poland

Theme: Towards Sustainable and Automated Communication Networks

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Prof Mohamed-Slim Alouini appointed as next WWRF Fellow

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Who We Are

The Wireless World Research Forum is the place where the global wireless research community meets to explore and develop the research challenges that confront us as we look beyond current 5G deployments. On the newly launched WWRF website, you can find out more about our current, future and past activities. This includes important information on upcoming events and special workshops. The ongoing effort to roll out 5G technologies, and the ongoing debate on how to meet the requirements of the various vertical industries that will make use of 5G are also being studied, with WWRF members closely involved in all these discussions, and publications such as our Outlook series are a good guide to them. But the mission of WWRF is to look beyond current technology and businesses to identify the key research trends that will impact our world in the next 5-10 years.

With over 50 members from across 4 continents, WWRF brings together a wide range of industry and academic players, and has a particular focus on the contribution of newly emerging market sectors and developing regions. As an example, the Vertical Industry Platform (VIP) programme of working groups focuses on vertical industry requirements, including business models, connected vehicles, ehealth, rail networks and the water industry, while new technical working groups have been set up to address key technology questions, such as the use of higher frequencies above 5GHz and the impact of AI technologies on communication networks. Lots of results and information from our most recent events are available, and, of course, the website also contains all the required information for prospective members, including application forms and details of membership fees and benefits.

WWRF Steering Board

Nigel Jefferies


Bharat Bhatia

Vice-Chair Asia

Hendrik Berndt

Vice-Chair EMEA

Sudhir Dixit

Vice-Chair Americas

Vinod Kumar

Secretary / Treasurer



Our chairman's annual review and outlook for 2022

Dear WWRF Members,

Once again, it’s time to look back and review what’s happened over the 12 months. This year, we’ve held a number of online events, including our 45th meeting, hosted by Wirahswasta from Malaysia, and we were able to run the 46th meeting, hosted by Huawei in Paris, as a hybrid meeting, which thanks to the efforts of the technical teams who worked very smoothly to create a good working atmosphere for those present and on line.