About WWRF

Creating a Smart Future 


WWRF’s goal is to encourage research that will achieve unbounded communications to address key societal challenges for the future.


We are using the term “Wireless World” in this broad sense to address the support of innovation and business, the social inclusion and the infrastructural challenges.


This will be achieved by creating a range of new technological capabilities from wide-area networks to short-range communications, machine-to-machine communications, sensor networks, wireless broadband access technologies and optical networking, along with increasing intelligence and virtualization in networks.


This will support a dependable future Internet of people, knowledge and things and the development of a service universe.



A World Leading Forum


WWRF is the unique forum where the wireless community can tackle the key research challenges. By searching out the issues, flagging them up to opinion leaders, and then working with our liaison partners, and you, to deal with them, we drive the development of the Wireless World.


Our members, by joining WWRF, can play a leading role in this process

WWRF organizes two major events each year combining inputs from industry and academic experts, the exchange of ideas and the evolution of the research agenda and technology roadmaps.

Our well received publication programme, working with partners such as IEEE and Wiley, makes the key messages and results available to the wireless research sector.

To ease standardization, WWRF disseminates and harmonizes views, and together with our major liaison partners, we initiate collaborative research, and develop the global vision.


Always Active


WWRF runs two 3-day meetings a year, hosted by a member organization and with an identified theme. Anybody can submit a contribution and attend. The programme is a mix of invited speakers on key topics and working group sessions. These are excellent opportunities to network, meet experts, and contribute to the white papers.


In addition to our main meetings, we run a series of workshops and other events on specific themes and topics, sometimes as part of other major events and conferences.



    • Working Group A User Needs & Requirements; Services, and Devices, in a Wireless World
    • Working Group C New Directions in Communication Architectures and Technologies: SDN, NFV, MEC
    • Working Group D Radio Communication Technologies: Air Interface for 5G and 6G, advance wireless access techniques, MIMO, Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces, Radio Resources Management, SDR and Spectrum Sharing
    • Working Group 5G for smart water management
    • WG BM Future Business Models supported and enabled by 5G and Beyond wireless technologies
    • WG High-Frequency Technologies: mm Wave and THz Communications and Sensing
    • VIP WG 5G e/m-Health and Wearables
    • VIP WG Connected Vehicles
    • VIP WG Track-to-Train communications
    • WG Cybersecurity
    • WG 6G


We have our own publication programme of white papers (WWRF Outlook) and meeting proceedings (WWRF Library). In addition, we publish a series of books with Wiley, and the best papers from each meeting are the highlight of a special issue of IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine.


Each year WWRF appoints some significant figures in the development of the Wireless World as Fellows.


We promote the participation of all regions in our work, through a programme of technical and financial sponsorship of regional events.


To provide better networking opportunities for our members, we work with other organizations in relevant sectors