Upcoming Online Seminars


In addition to our main meetings, we run a series of workshops and other events on specific themes and topics, sometimes as part of other major events and conferences.

WWRF Webinar: 5G, Cybersecurity and Privacy in Developing Countries

Date & Time : 12 April, 2023, 4.00-5.30PM CEST


The webinar is based on a book recently published by WWRF/ River Publishers with the same title. 


> Introduction – Knud Erik Skouby, WG chair, WWRF,  Aalborg University, Denmark

> Current issues in Cyber Security, Samant Khajuria, Chief Specialist Cyber Security, Terma

> Cyber Security in Developing Countries, Idongesit Williams, Aalborg University, Denmark

> Expansion-Security Tradeoffs in the Pathway to Rural 5G Networks, Dario M.Goussal, Universidad Nacional del Nordeste at Resistencia, Argentina

> OpenRAN and Security in an Developing Country Context, Roslyn Layton, Strand Consult & Aalborg University

> Critical Infrastructure Security – An Indian Perspective, Prashant S.Dhotre, MIT Arts, Design and Technology University, Pune, india

> Panel discussion

                Moderator: Knud Erik Skouby

                Participants: Samant Khajuria, Roslyn Layton, Ezer Osei Yeboah-Boateng, Idongesit Williams



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