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Theme "Future Technologies for Business Ecosystem Innovation"

The theme not only encompasses technology, but also associates it to the relevant business domains, toegether defined as the Business Ecosystem. We therefore invite academics, researchers and industrial representatives to share their views and present technical results on future technologies, business models and ecosystems, to discuss critical business and regulatory aspects, and to present advanced technology findings that will impact the future socio-techno-economic systems.




Meeting Presentations



Opening Session


Opening Speech
Nigel Jefferies, Chair of WWRF


IMT Process & History
Colin Langtry, ITU (Retired), France


EU & 5G Development
Bernard Barani, European Commission, Belgium

Plenary Session 2 – IMT2020


Swisscom’s 5G Status and Future Directions
Marcus Brunner, Chief Researcher, Head of Standardization, Swisscom,Switzerland


IMT2020: 5GPPP Evaluation Group activities
Werner Mohr, Nokia, Germany

Special Session 1 – Key Innovations Beyond 5G


Molecular Communications
Yansha Deng, Kings College, University of London, UK


THz Communications: the new wireless frontier for systems B5G
Angeliki Alexiou, University of Piraeus, Greece


Enabling Technologies for Large-scale Communication Systems
Constantinos Papadias, AIT, Greece


Freemium Model for Smart Network Access
Josef Noll, University of Oslo & Basic Internet Foundatio


Smart Networks with AI-enabled Spectrum Sharing
Dr. F. Mekuria, CSIR Meraka ICT Institute, South Africa


Introducing 6G-Enabled Wireless Smart Society & Ecosystem
Marcos Katz, Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC), University of Oulu,Finland



Plenary Session 3A – Vertical Industry


5G Applied to Vertical Industry Use Cases: Theory & Practice 
Walter Weigel, Huawei, Germany

Plenary Session 3B- 5G for Railway


Goal of the new VIP Rail Group, EU Matters and WRC 19 Agenda Item 1.11
Steffen Ring


Radio spectrum for future railway applications
Thomas Weilacher, Chairman of CEPT/ECC Working Group Frequency Management (WG FM), Germany

Plenary Session 4 – 5G for Water Industrie


Introduction, Goal of VIP Group, and water related activities at CTTC
Miquel Payaró,CTTC, Spain


IoT-based precision irrigation and water management pilots
Juha-Pekka Soininen, SWAMP Project, Finland


Emergent water technologies for enabling newer digital water services
Gabriel Anzaldi, Director, Smart Management Systems Unit at Eurecat, Spain


Cataract: A platform for the proactive management of water and utilities
Aimilia Bantouna, WINGS ICT-Solutions, Greece


Ultra-Reliable Millimeter Wave Communication for Automatic Train Coupling
Mohammad Soliman, Paul Unterhuber, Stephan Sand, DLR, Germany


International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Recommendations and challenges for Future WirelessTechnologies in mm and THz Waves
Dr Ashok Chandra, Aarhus University, Denmark



Plenary Session 5 – International Perspective


Business Opportunities and Security with 5th Generation
Anand Prasad, NEC, Japan


Rules for interworking: Rules taker or maker?”
Kiritkumar Lathia, GISFI, India


Integrated Moving Networks – Mutual Opportunities for Connected Vehicles and Mobile Networks
Tommy Svensson, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Session VIP Connected Vehicles


An IoT-Based System with Machine Learning for Detecting Drowsiness of Drivers
Sayon Karmakar, Anush Nagesh, Sumit Gore, Hadi salman, Mariofanna Milanova, Seshadri Mohan


Artificial Intelligence and IoT Enabled Safe, Green and Smart Transportation System
Vandana Rohokale and Ramjee Prasad


Proposed Algorithm Based on Inertial Measurement for Localization
Shouyi Zhang, Neeli Prasad, May Huang


Blockchain-Based Internet of Vehicles (IoV): An Efficient Secure Ad Hoc Vehicular Networking Architecture
Sachin Sharma, Seshadri Mohan

Closing Plenary Session


Invitation to 42nd Meeting – Tokyo, Japan
Hendrik Berndt (ARIB) on behalf of Kohei Satoh, 5GMF, Japan


Update on 5G development in India
Satish Jamadagni (TSDSI)