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WWRF 39, October 2017 in Castelldefels, Spain

Theme "Ready ‘n’ Go - 5G trials and testbeds"

The introduction of digital technologies is giving a major boost to societal and economic transformation. In the future, this will enhance our technical capacity to bring forth new and innovative products and services, in areas such as manufacturing, transport, energy, health, education and entertainment.


5G will be a key enabler of this transformation, coping with the different connectivity, storage and processing needs for each of these industry sectors. Therefore, a close interaction of vertical industries and 5G infrastructure stakeholders will be mutually beneficial. A fundamental point will be the validation of 5G technologies in a system-wide context, including multiple use cases, while supporting the requirements of these key vertical sectors.


WWRF is at the heart of this process, with its Vertical Industry Platforms creating a bridge between the ICT and vertical industries, and providing opportunities in its meetings to promote and discuss new trials and testbeds.




Meeting Presentations


Opening Session

Keynote 1: C. Wilcock “European 5G Trials: The way forward”

Keynote 2: D. Simeonidou “5G test-beds and trials at the Bristol City/region at UK nation-wide”

Keynote 3: F. Williams “5G trials in Europe of Smart Energy Use Cases”

Plenary Session

Keynote 4: J. Martrat “Managing the SDN/NFV post hype era”

Keynote 5: S. Buonomo “Update on the IMT-2020 standardization process”

Keynote 6: K. David “Pedestrian safety as a ‘killer’ application for 5G”

Keynote 7: C. Politis “5G-enabled Emergency Networks”

WG D: Technologies for Systems Beyond 5G

H. Woo “Views on Beyond 5G”

A. A. Dowhuszko “Integration of Wireless and Optical Technologies to Meet the Requirements of 5G Networks”

H. Ghannam and I. Darwazeh “Low Complexity Channel Estimation Scheme for Spectrally Efficient FDM Systems in 5G Cellular Network”

S. Sand, P. Unterhuber and M. Soliman “Towards 5G Infrastructure-redundant Communications for Next Generation Railways”

EMW: E/m-Health and Wearables

K. K. Azumah, R. Tadayoni and L. T. Sorensen “Many mobiles, little cloud: where is the mobile cloud in Ghanaian healthcare?”

5G connected car

M. Fallgren “The 5GCAR project”

M. Boban “V2X channel measurements and modeling”

T. Svensson “Integrated moving networks”

R. Vilalta “Fog computing and the connected car”

A. Laya “5G and the transformation of the automotive ecosystem”



Wireless artificial intelligence

I. Darwazeh “machine learning in communication: Hype, reality or hyper-reality”

C.-L. I “Wireless big data in action”

H. Huang “The future of wireless network-mobile AI”

P. Claridge “AI in the edge”

Discussion Panel

WG A/B: User needs & requirements; services and devices in a wireless world

P. Lungaro and K. Tollmar “Gaze-aware video streaming solutions for mobile VR in future 5G”

O. Obinnah, C. Clarke, E. Pfuegel, C. Politis and M. J. Tunnicliffe “Multi-channel mobile wireless network attacks on SMS”

K. K. Azumah “Many mobiles, little cloud: where is the mobile cloud in Ghanaian healthcare?”

S. Khajuria, K. E. Skouby and L. Sorensen “Draft for WWRF security white paper”

S. Khajuria, K. E. Skouby and L. Sorensen “Draft for update of Millenial WP”

WG HF: High Frequencies Radio Communications Technologies

A. Maltsev, A. Pudeyev, I. Bolotin, A. Sadri, O. Bolkhovskaya, V. Seleznev and A. Rulkov “Comparative analysis of large antenna array technologies for millimeter-wave multi-stream transmission”

A. Maltsev, A. Pudeyev, I. Bolotin, A. Lomayev, O. Bolkhovskaya, V. Seleznev and A. Rulkov “Cost-efficient technologies for development of the high-gain steerable antennas for mmWave communications”

S. Mumtaz “MAC level analysis of mm-wave/THz communication for 5G and B5G system”

5G Trials and Testbeds

A. Manzalini “The 5G operating system as a nervous system for country 2.0”

T. Norp “5G trials in the Netherlands”

L. M. Contreras Murillo “Telefonica path towards 5G – exploration of new capabilities for transport networks”

S. Figuerola “5G Barcelona and its 5G neutral host pilot”

5G Mobile Transport Networks

C. Turyagyenda “Data plane integration for 5G fronthaul and backhaul – a proof of concept from 5G-Crosshaul”

J. Mangues-Bafalluy “Multi-domain hierarchical 5G-Crosshaul control infrastructure”

G. Carrozzo “Energy efficient service orchestration in converged fronthaul/backhaul”

D. Camps-Mur “SODALITE: SDN wireless backhauling for dense networks of 4G/5G small cells”

L. M. Contreras Murillo “Slicing across multiple administrative domains”

C. J. Bernardos “5G-Transformer: enabling multi-domain network slicing at the mobile transport for verticals”



Satellite communications for 5G and beyond

S. Mohan “IoT + mobility ~ IoV”

R. Mugellesi “ESA perspective on 5G SatCom”

A. Pérez-Neira “Hybrid satellite/terrestrial backhauling”

T. Schlichter “Scorsese – A proof of concept for advanced multimedia distribution in integrated satellite 5G networks”

S. Watts “Satellite 5G trials & testbed roadmap”

R. Ferrús “Hybrid satellite/terrestrial virtualization”

WG C: New directions in communication architectures and technologies

R. Vilalta “Orchestration using transport API end to end hierarchical network”

S. Banerjee, k. Madan, C. R. Venkatesh and K. Giridhar “Downlink preamble design for accurate timing synchronization in ultra-dense cellular networks”

C. Schmelz, S. Fletcher at al. “Mobile network architecture: End to end network slicing for 5G and Beyond”

P. Lungaro and K. Tollmar “Gaze-aware video streaming solutions for mobile VR in future 5G networks”

CV: Connected vehicles

S. Madhelkwana, A. Ladas, C. Politis “Survey: Challenges and perspectives of VANETs mobility modelling”


H. Wang “Security challenges in the future 5G networks in supporting IoT services”

P. Cousin “Security, privacy and trust in IoT”

S. Khajuria “GDPR implications for security and privacy in 5G”