Wireless World Research Forum Meeting 46
1st - 3rd of December, 2021 in Paris, France

From Connecting Things to Connected Intelligence

The Wireless World Research Forum plans to contribute towards the development of a smart mobile communication eco-system beyond 5G.  The widespread introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is foreseen to provide a strong impetus towards improved network performance and cost-efficiency for current and even more for next generation mobile systems. Beyond 5G, services and networks will be managed more autonomously and are expected to offer increased flexibility and adaptability everywhere. Networks and applications need to become more intelligent, self-learning and context dependent. AI’s potential impact on consumer, society and industry-relevant aspects for end-to-end communication systems and uses cases will be tremendous. Future Cognitive Communication Systems are envisioned to be continuously learning, self-optimizing and capable of transitioning from just connecting humans and things - to connecting, sensing and actuating on everything - intelligently and in a purpose driven manner.

WWRF invites you to be a part of designing the future, by joining us for three days of wide-ranging discussions, presentations, innovative brainstorming and expert-level networking.

Meeting Location

The meeting will take place at the Lagrange Mathematics and Computing Research Center.

Why attend the conference?

  • Focus your future strategies by discussing the views of industry leaders
  • Ease future standardisation by harmonising views at the research stage
  • Pick up the trends and new ideas in wireless communication
  • Share insightson research directions and visions to the Wireless World


Call for Papers

WWRF, being one of the leading platforms worldwide for discussions and innovation within the Wireless World, is organizing its 46th meeting in Paris, France, on 1-3 December 2021, and invites authors to submit original manuscripts that will be peer reviewed and, if successful, presented to the Forum.

Speakers will be able to participate remotely if they are unable to travel due to the COVID-19 situation. The final decision to hold WWRF46 as a physical event will be made at the end of September 2021 after an assessment of the global situation and local regulations.

The manuscripts should be aligned with the theme of the event, and/or address one or more of the following topics, or any other relevant aspect of the Wireless World.

• Intelligent applications for vertical industries
• Intelligent applications for SMEs
• Software-Defined Infrastructure
• Core network architectures & protocols
• A greener blockchain platform
• Network architectures
• Advanced Radio Technologies
• Ultra-Reliable & Low-Latency communications
• Tactile Internet
• Green Communications & Networking


• Social Network-aware applications
• Millimetre-Wave Communications
• THz communications
• Innovations in business models
• Bridging the digital divide beyond 5G
• Data analytics, AI and machine learning
• Regulatory aspects of AI and ML. A balanced approach.
• Cyber-physical systems & networks
• 5G & beyond technologies
• Sensor networks & embedded systems
• Internet-of-Things (IoT) & wearable technologies
• Cognitive Internet of Things
• Cognitive radio networking
• Social Network-aware wireless
• Spectrum issues and regulatory principles
• Privacy and security
• Connected vehicles
• Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces

Contributions that are accepted for the meeting will be published on the WWRF website (www.wwrf.ch), and the best contributions may form part of a WWRF Outlook (a series of White Papers) or be incorporated into new volumes of the WWRF Book Series. Selected papers will also be considered for publication in a special issue of a leading scientific journal


Contributors should submit an extended abstract by 1st October 2021 to contributions@wireless-world-research.org for review. Extended abstracts should be at least two pages in length, either in plain ASCII text, MS Word or Adobe PDF. A template for abstracts or papers is available at www.wwrf.ch. Full papers must be prepared using the WWRF template, which is also available at the WWRF web page. The list below shows the different working groups (WGs) and Vertical Industry Platforms (VIPs) to one of which the contributions should be directed:

Important Dates

Submission of extended abstracts
1 October 2021

Notification of acceptance
15 October 2021

Final papers
15 November 2021

1-3 December 2021

Copyright Licence

Please note that, by disclosing information to WWRF, it is deemed non-confidential, in accordance with Section 8 of the WWRF Articles of Association available here, and authors grant WWRF permission to use such information as described in the WWRF copyright licence.

Authors must complete and submit a copyright licence along with their full paper.

Contributions submitted without a completed and signed copyright licence cannot be presented and will not be published in the meeting proceedings or in WWRF’s other publications. Abstracts do not require a copyright licence.

Student Grants

Funding is available to support a number of students travelling to and presenting papers at the meeting. Application for student funding must be provided with paper submission. The level of grant will depend on available funds and the student's country of residence (up to €500 for students in Europe, and €800 for those resident elsewhere). Priority will be given to students from member organizations.