Wireless World Research Forum Meeting 38
28-30 March 2017 in Hsinchu, Taiwan

Theme "5G – Enabling the Connected Society"

The fast pace of digitization is having a major impact on the society and hence we now often hear the term “Connected Society”.  This “Connected Society” will become pervasive throughout our daily lives in the future that that includes health, transportation, manufacturing, energy management, and in environments such as smart cities. It provides opportunities for the ICT industry together with vertical industries and new players to bring forth new and innovative solutions that meet the needs of societies in the future.

5G will be a key enabler in this transformation, accommodating the diverse connectivity, storage and processing needs in each of these vertical sectors. New capabilities of 5G, from enhanced mobile broadband to massive connectivity supporting the Internet of Things, and high-reliability low-latency connections to provide secure real-time control applications are required to achieve the goals of “Connected Society”.

To rise to the challenges there will be a new community of developers and entrepreneurs to implement a new wave of technology innovation of the vertical applications. WWRF is at the heart of this process, with its Vertical Industry Platforms creating a bridge between the ICT and vertical industries, providing opportunities in its meetings to promote and discuss new developments.

At our meeting in Hsinchu, Taiwan on 28th -30th March 2017 we are providing a 5G Day (28th March 2017) on “Connected Society” followed by two days of in-depth workshops, invited talks and contributed technical papers on this very subject.



Please find the meeting programme here >>>

Presentations & Contributions

Day 1, 28 March 2017

Dr.Nigel Jefferies - Chair WWRF

Exectutive Vice President, ITRI

Overview of Taiwan's MoEA 5G Program
Dr. Li Fung Chang, Chief Architect of 5G Program Office

5G activities toward vertical integration
Dr. Lee HyeonWoo

R&D Status of IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group
Dr. I Chin-Lin

Meeting the Technical, Political and Economic Aims of 5G
Adrian Scrase

Overview of 5GMF Current Activities
K. Satoh

5G/IMT-2020 for Public Safety and Disaster Relief
Bharat Bhatia

Security Considerations in 5G
Marcus Wong

A New Generation of e-Health Systems Powered by 5G
Prof. Christos Politis

The views of Europe: 5G PPP global strategy
Jean-Pierre Bienaime

Internet of Things in action
Cathy Yeh

Path to 5G
Way-Shing Le

Final Thoughts
Dr. Nigel Jefferies - Chair of WWRF

Day 2, 29 March 2017
General WWRF 38 Meeting

Dr. Nigel Jefferies - Chair WWRF

Dr. Ching-Tarng Hsieh - ITRI

Millennial Users in a 5G Context
Prof.Knud Erik Skouby

Healthcare Perspective: The Case of Multiple Sclerosis
Dr. Christos Bakaritz

Remotely-Operated Autonomous Drone (ROAD)

Mobile internet on Taiwan High Speed Rail
Hsien-Wen Chang

5G for Trains
Bharat Bhatia

Orchestrate 5G Interworking: Slicing the Underlying Architecture using Cloud based Geo-datacenters
Anwer Al-Dulaimi

5G Business modelling 
Giovanni Gasbarrone
Services, User Needs & Requirements in a Secure Environment in different Socio-Economic settings
Kenneth Kwame Azumah
Channel Modelling and Wireless Propagation
Challenges for mmWaves in Railways
Stephan Sand, DLR, Germany
Q-D channel modeling application for specific IEEE 802.11ay indoor scenarios
Alexander Maltsev, Andrey Pudeyev, Intel Corporation
Olesya Bolkhovskaya, University of Nizhny Novgorod, Camillo Gentile, Nada Golmie, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US, Takenori Sakamoto, Hiroyuki Motozuka, Panasonic, Japan
Power Saving Mechanism for 5G Millimeter Wave Cellular Systems
Chung-Wei Weng, Kuang-Hsun Lin, Hung-Yu Wei, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
ITRI mmWave Radio Access Technologies Development
Wen Chiang Chen, ITRI, Taiwan

Day 3, 30 March 2017
General WWRF 38 Meeting

Emerging ioT trend and applications
Jui-Lin (Ray) Yang

A Highly Coordinated Ultra Dense Network
Dr. Shawkang Wu

Intelligent Wireless Network
Hua Hang


Power Saving Using Dedicated Reference Signal
Detection in 5G Systems 
Abdelkader Medles, Cril Valadon, Gilles Charbit, MediaTek
Wireless Ltd. UK

Ultra Reliability and Low Latency for Critical
Gilles Charbit, Abdelkader Medles, Cyril Valadon, MediaTek Wireless Ltd, UK

Joint Mode Selection and Scheduling for Overlay/
Underlay D2D in the Presence of Densification
M.Poulakis, A. Gotsis, A. Alexiou, University of Piraeus, Greece


Traffic Blocking Probability Theory for Data Services
Jiantao Song and Qiyong Zhao

A Mapping Model between Network Capability and User Experience
SHEN Wenxue, ZHAO Qiyong, JI Li

A Network Sharing Mechanism Based on Multi-operator Core Network
Chia-Lin Lei, Shahboob Bilal Chundrigar, Samer T.Talat, Hsien-Wen Chang

Orchestrating 5G Interworking: Slicing the Underlying Architecture using cloud based vEPC
Anwer Al-Dulaimi


Invited talk: Perspective: The Case of Multiple Sclerosis
Christof Bakirtzis, AUTH and AHEPA Hospital, Greece, Healthcare

Invited talk: Healthcare Perspective: The Case of Asthma
Wensheng Zhang, Shandong University

Scientific Paper: 5G Leader-based D2D A Novel Mobility Management Scheme for Wearable Devices
Heng-Li Chin, Hung-Yu Wei, National Taiwan University

Closing of Meeting
Dr. Nigel Jefferies - Chair of WWRF