Working Group Cybersecurity


Chair: Samant Khajuria, Terma A/S (


The mission of the WG-Cybersecurity is to promote a trusted and cyber secure environment for the current and future wireless technologies through the identification of key research challenges and technology trends.


WWRF provides a platform to the global wireless research community to explore and develop the research challenges that confront us as we look beyond current 5G and other developments. These developments have raised considerable concerns in the cybersecurity sector.

WG-Cybersecurity focuses on addressing these concerns and provides a common ground to researchers and Industry representatives to explore these challenges. The group takes the multifaced approach to cybersecurity due to its complexity as there are multiple threat vectors, increasingly sophisticated and effective attacks, and a general lack of suitable security standards.

To support our mission of “a trusted and cyber secure environment for the current and future wireless technologies” the WG-cyber will focus on following areas. 

  • Cybersecurity Strategy, Policy and Standardization
  • Cybersecurity Frameworks, Certification and Supply chain
  • Cybersecurity Directives and Regulations
  • Enhancing the Trustworthiness in Current and Future Wireless Technologies
  • Wireless Cybersecurity Use Cases (IoT, V2X, Healthcare)
  • Cyber Threat and Risk Management for 5G Networks and beyond
  • Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity Challenges
  • New Security Technologies and Techniques Relevant to Wireless Networks

Workshop Cybersecurity on 1st of April 2022


- Welcome - Dr Nigel Jefferies, WWRF Chair
- Introduction - Samant Khajuria, Working Group Cybersecurity Chair
- Presentation 1 - “Towards sustainable 6G”. Dr. Marja Matinmikko-Blue; Research Director at Infotech Oulu Institute
- Presentation 2 – “Where is cybersecurity developing towards – a view on recent trends in the standardization of cybersecurity” - Scott Cadzow; Director,Cadzow Communications Consulting
- Presentation 3 - Security Standardization in 3GPP - Noamen Ben Henda; Security Standardization Expert, Huawei Technologies ~ 40 mins
- Discussion
- Closing Remarks

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