Working group meetings are an important activity. They happen at least two times per year during WWRF meetings, and the resulting discussions of the future vision for specific subjects are captured in White Papers. These White Papers have often proved to be a good starting point for new R&D projects. Production of the White Papers is organized by the working group chairs and, once approved by the WWRF Steering Committee, they are published as an edition of WWRF Outlook on the WWRF website.

If you would like to get involved in White Paper discussions, the best way is to attend a WWRF meeting. If you have any questions, please address the appropriate Working Group Chair or the WWRF Publication Manager.

Visions and research directions for the Wireless World

Outlook, October 2019, No25
Connected Vehicles

Outlook, May 2019, No 24
Artificial Intelligence in Future Wireless Communication Systems

Outlook, November 2017, No 23
Wireless Comminication Using Higher Frequency Bands

Outlook, November 2017, No 22
Preliminary Study on 3GPP Rel-16 and Beyond

Outlook, November 2017, No 21
End to End Network Slicing

Outlook, November 2017, No 20
Wireless Big Data of Smart 5G

Outlook, November 2017, No 19
Wireless to the X: Extend 5G to Wireless Broadband Access

Outlook, March 2017, No 18
Millennial Users in a 5G Context

Outlook, November 2016, No 17
A New Generation of e-Health Systems Powered by 5G

Outlook, April 2015, No 16
5G Vision, Enablers and Challenges for the Wireless Future

Outlook November 2014, No 15
LTE Small Cell Enhancement by Dual Connectivity

Outlook September 2014, No 14
User 2020 A WWRF Vision

Outlook August 2014, No 13
A User Perspective on Social Networking Sites

Outlook July 2014, No 12
Smart Cities and the Ageing Population

Outlook May 2014, No 11
Cyber Security in Future Internet

Outlook December 2013, No 10
Uls - past, present and future

Outlook November 2013, No 9
Multi-RAT Network Architecture

Outlook May 2013, No 8
Visions for the Wireless Future - Wireless World 2020 Workshops

Outlook October 2011, No 7
Requirements and vision for NG-wireless

Outlook June 2010, No 6
Spectrum Issues in the post WRC'07 Era

Outlook November 2009, No 5
Spectrum Sensing and Fragmentation

Outlook July 2009, No 4
User scenarios 2020 - a worldwide wireless future

Outlook May 2009, No 3
User Profiles, Personalization and Privacy

Outlook November 2008, No 2
Considerations in the Choice of Suitable Spectrum for Mobile Communications

Outlook March 2008, No 1
Policy-Based Management of Radio Resources and Autonomic Computing in
Cognitive/ Reconfigurable Networks and Systems


For further information please contact the WWRF publication manager - Prof. Dr. Klaus David (email)