Membership Application

The Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF) is open to all interested parties who meet the application conditions of our Articles of Association To become a member of the forum, please complete this form carefully. The completed form will be automatically send to the secretariat of WWRF. The applicant (whether individual or organisation) will become a WWRF Member on acceptance of the application by the WWRF General Assembly,

Four different member categories are available, three for organisations (either sponsor, full or associate) and one for individuals

1. Sponsor Members: One membership may be used to represent multiple affiliate companies within a group.
   Annual Fee: 12.000 Euro

2. Full Members: One membership may be used to represent multiple affiliate companies within a group.
   Annual Fee: 1.200 Euro

3. Associate Membership: Only eligible for small companies (50 employees or fewer) or organisations whose core business is not in wireless communications.
   Annual Fee: 250 Euro

4. Individual membership: Available for qualified individuals. For further details, please refer to article 4.2 of WWRF Articles of Association.
   Annual Fee: 100 Euro

Meeting participation costs will be additional to the membership fee. More information will be given in connection to every meeting.

Release of name

Upon becoming a Member of the WWRF, the Applicant (Individual or Organisation) agrees that the WWRF may, in connection with the membership, and so long as the Applicant is a Member, publish the applicant's name, the Membership status, the website if any and the date on which the Applicant became a Member.

If you have any question please contact our secretary Vinod Kumar

Designated Representative (Voting Contact)


as a qualified individual or an authorised person of the Applicant Organisation mentioned above, for membership of the Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF), and further declare that the Applicant:

  • agrees to respect all legal provisions and statutes concerning the WWRF as described in the Articles of Association – the document originally signed on August 14th, 2001 and modified there after as indicated on the title page of the version available on the WWRF homepage:
  • or its representative(s) named overleaf shall be the official contact person(s) for receiving formal notices, voting papers, and invoices,
  • shall become a member of the WWRF upon payment of membership fees after the acceptance of this application by the General Assembly.

Billing Contact (To be filled in if different from the Designated Representative)