New letter from our chairman

WWRF Newsletter

2020/2, October 2020

After a summer break for many of us, it’s probably a good time to catch up on the many activities going on under the WWRF banner.

Next generation wireless

In addition to our ongoing work on requirements and technologies for ‘beyond 5G’, we have started the planning and organization of an event which will focus on the likely shape of mobile communications towards and beyond 2030. The event, the next in the WWRF ‘Huddle’ series, is expected to take place in Ottawa, Canada, in September 2021.

Before then, we will be leading an industry panel and tutorial session on the subject at the IEEE Globecom conference to be held in Taipei, Taiwan on 8-10 December 2020.

44th WWRF Meeting

Since the last newsletter, the most significant event has been our 44th meeting, originally scheduled to be hosted by the University of Aalborg in Copenhagen, but held as a series of webinars on 29 June to 1 July. The programme included special sessions on VR and AR, Beyond 5G, cybersecurity, smart cities, IMT2020 development, business models for 5G, and Industry 4.0. There were also working group sessions with contributed papers on a wide range of subjects, such as connected vehicles, railway systems, THz networks, and wireless AI. In honour of the original location of WWRF44, the best papers from the conference will be published in a special issue of the Nordic and Baltic Journal of ICT (NB!ICT).

News on WWRF45

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our future meetings. Our 45th meeting, which is being hosted by our colleagues at Wirahswasta in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 18-21 January 2021 will be a ‘hybrid’ meeting, with a physical component including a 5G Showcase, and online access for those still unable to travel. There will also be a special workshop on non-terrestrial networks, led by Prof. Alouini from KAUST, and keynote addresses from the Malaysian government, the European Commission, 3GPP and Huawei. The theme remains the same: ‘Hyperconnectivity: Beyond 5G, Opportunities & Challenges’. The Call for Papers has been published and the deadline for contributions is the 1st November, just one month away!

Latest Outlooks

Our most recent publication is a new WWRF Outlook on the subject of network slicing for future networks, which covers issues including why network slicing seems to be playing a limited role in 5G, as well as how the concept could be a key part of the next generation.

ITU engagement

WWRF continues to work with ITU in a number of areas. We were pleased to be invited, along with the other Independent Evaluation Groups (IEGs), to attend WP5D #36e as a guest, to discuss the process for continuing evaluation of the remaining candidate IMT-2020 technologies. We expect WWRF to be accepted soon as a Sector Member of ITU, which will allow members to represent WWRF better at ITU meetings and make direct contributions. The WWRF Connected Vehicle working group are participating in ITU CITS meetings and keeping them updated on our activities.

Connected Vehicles

WWRF Outlook 25 will soon be published as a book chapter by Springer, while a second white paper on connected vehicles on ‘The Role of AI/Machine Learning in Connected Vehicles’ is currently under development. Future planned events on behalf of WWRF include a workshop on connected vehicles co-organized with IEEE on 14-17 December 2020 in India.

New members in 2020

Recent new members since our previous report include Chris Friel (CDF Technology, UK), Veena Rawat (Canada) and Marc Girouard (Canada). We welcome them all to WWRF, and look forward to meeting them online or in person at future events.

Future Wireless Technology and Green Business Modelling

On 21st October, WWRF will be running an online workshop to answer the question ‘How can 5G technology support Green Business Modelling?’ Details are available here.

A series of seminars expanding on some of the best received talks given at our 44th meeting will also take place during the rest of 2020. The first of these will be presented by Prof. Halim Yanikomeroglu of Carleton University, on the topic of the Wireless Access Network Architecture: The Next 20+ Years on 13th October at 11am Eastern Standard Time. More information here