WWRF Workshop on Wireless Technologies & Applications for the Internet of Everything (IoE)

at the 2016 IEEE 84th Vehicular Technology Conference: VTC2016-Fall

Workshop Date: September 19, 2016

The Internet of Things (IoE) is expected to bring billions of dollars in business opportunity over the next decade. The current market for communication systems enabling IoE is highly fragmented, and the revenues are being shared among multiple incumbents, many of those operating in the small and medium enterprise space. The IoE market is serviced by a number of wireless technology domains from Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) technologies for health, automation and other personal area applications, but also by wide area technologies. Both standardized and proprietary wireless solutions utilizing unlicensed Industrial, Science and Medical (ISM) bands are in use. Organized by the World Wireless Research Forum (WWRF), the goal of this workshop is to bring together the representative industry views from different wireless domains for discussion and debate on the roles, co-existence and collaboration of these wireless domains. 

The workshop will comprise of invited presentations and panel sessions, primarily by industry experts. The following topics will be covered.

-          IoE standards evolution in Wide Area Networks, and in Local/Personal Area Networks

  • Air interface design challenges and solutions for IoE
  • IoE system design for mission critical and ultra-reliable applications

-          IoE test beds and applications in Smart Cities and Automotive Industries

-          Interworking between wireless domains for IoE

Final Agenda available by: July 25, 2016



  • Angeliki Alexiou, Associate Professor, University of Piraeus, Greece
  • Shalini Periyalwar, Adjunct Research Professor, Carleton University, Canada
  • Mischa Dohler, Professor, Kings College, London, UK
  • Veena Rawat, Consultant GSMA, Ottawa, Canada
  • Clara Li, Senior Research Scientist, Intel, USA
  • Petar Popovski, Professor, Aalborg University, Denmark
  • Halim Yanikomeroglu, Professor, Carleton University, Canada
  • Nigel Jefferies, Chair WWRF, Huawei, UK
  • Chih-Lin I, Chief Scientist, China Mobile, China
  • Werner Mohr, Head of Research Alliances, Technology and Innovation, Nokia, Germany
  • Vino Vinodrai, Adjunct Professor, McMaster University, Canada
  • Christos Politis, Professor, Kingston University, UK