WWRF 5G Huddle 5G Huddle examined fundamental changes!

More than 200 experts met in Ottawa to lay the groundwork for widespread adoption of 5G technologies, in Canada and globally, from 2020. Technologists, researchers and executives got together at the 4th WWRF 5G Huddle on May 31 and June 1st. Read more >>>

Mimo Technologies

MIMO techniques have become very popular in modern wireless communication systems. It is however very difficult to measure and model MIMO channels with multiple transmitting and receiving antennas, due to many technical limitations and challenges such as accurate antenna synchronization, super-fast data measurement and storage, and parallel data processing.  >>>

WWRF Achievements in 5G

Starting in 2012 the Wireless World Research Forum is very active in bringing together all stakeholder groups to identify the work that needs to be done in order to make the 5G vision a reality. Read more about the achievements here >>>

WWRF Hosts Workshop on ‘Beyond 5G’ at IEEE VTC Conference

The workshop with the theme “From 4G to Beyond 5G (B5G) Systems: Expectations, Realities and Disruptions attracted over 60 people. The conference organizers informed WWRF that they received excellent feedback about the Workshop.

Read more >>>


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