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We have our own publication programme of white papers (WWRF Outlook) and meeting proceedings (WWRF Library). In addition, we publish a series of books with Wiley, and the best papers from each meeting are the highlight of a special issue of IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine.

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Forthcoming WWRF Publications

Millennial Users in a 5G Context

discusses issues related to that the fact that not only is The Millennial Generation born between 1982-2004 the biggest generation ever worldwide, it is also the first generation with a tight digital life and at the same time also an understanding what was before. It is expected that the Millennial generation could have specific requirements for future digital networks and services according to their skills, knowledge and expectation levels. This paper present one picture of the Millennial generation and some thinking/requirements to the 5G networks. The paper looks at the Millennial generation from a general level (through literature) and presents empirical work in which focus groups have been run to discuss specific 5G network issues. The paper concludes that Millennials have expectations that 5G will happen as a natural development and progress. They do not see themselves to have an interest or pay for all implementations of all 5G use cases but only for them ones with direct relevance for them. Also privacy and security is a key factor that they expect to the managed in some way.

Cybersecurity and Privacy – Bridging the Gap

Cybersecurity and privacy are global issues with a local impact. When any security or privacy breach occurs, it impacts our society at all levels. Trust in the digital platforms is lost; companies loose revenue and even public institutions are discredited.  These two issues have become major concerns of wide groups of today’s globally connected society; the scientific community; industry; governments and politicians; and civic groups. Our every-day life is very much dependent on the connected devices we are surrounded by – mobile phones, computer in homes and offices, sensors and machines in factories, hospitals etc.  Cybersecurity and privacy concerns are fueled by the collection of huge amount of data exchanged by the connected devices and increasingly collected by Internet of Things (IoT) creating a huge amount of data that will be stored in data centers and accessible as via cloud services in cross referenced selections. The book analyses and discusses ongoing technical, legal and socio-economic trends bringing together views from academia and industry providing a background for understanding the dynamic and interrelated concepts cybersecurity and privacy that are shaping all aspects of our future society.

Beyond that, a new book entitled ‘A Handbook on ICT in Developing Countries’ will be available soon.

NEW Book Published: User Requirements for Wireless

In the WWRF book series. Authors: Lene Tolstrup Sorensen and Knud Erik Skouby, Aalborg University, Denmark
More information and link for purchasing on the publisher's web site here






Books of Vision

Technologies for the Wireless Future Vol 1
Editor: Prof. Rahim Tafazolli >>>

Technologies for the Wireless Future Vol 2  
Editor: Prof. Rahim Tafazolli >>>

Technologies for the Wireless Future Vol 3
Editor: Prof. Klaus David >>>

Other published books

The African Mobile Story
Editors: Knud Eric Skouby and Idongesit Williams >>>
Error Control Coding for B3G/4G Wireless Systems: Paving the Way to IMT-Advanced Standards

Editors: Thierry Lestable and Moshe Ran >>>
Short-Range Wireless Communications: Emerging Technologies and Applications
Rolf Kraemer and Marcos Katz >>>



Articles in IEEE VTC Journals

The best papers from the WWRF meetings are included in special issues of IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine.

IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine 2009
Vol.4, Issue 1 and Issue 3

IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine 2010
Vol.5, Issue 1 and Issue 3

IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine 2011
Vol. 6, Issue 1 and Issue 3

IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine 2012
Vol. 7, Issue 1 and Issue 3


In the Outlook publication series WWRF provides you with visions and research directions for the Wireless World. >>>